Your Monthly Real Estate Roundup: Market Insights and Analysis

Your Monthly Real Estate Roundup: Market Insights and Analysis

Sharing an important update on the latest market trends and changes.



Today, I want to share the latest market trends as we transition from the summer market into the fall market. The seasonal impact on inventory and pricing is notable. One key change between summer and fall is typically fewer transactions, which may lead to a statistical dip in the average sales price in the Sacramento area. However, it's essential to clarify that listing your home in the fall or winter doesn't necessarily mean it will sell for a lower price. It's more about the statistical average in the area.


When it comes to negotiating strategies in the fall versus the winter, there's not a significant departure. Real estate is inherently localized, and strategies should align with the specifics of your home, its value, property type, and potential buyers. Pricing strategies vary based on these factors. Sellers need to assess whether pricing slightly lower to spark a bidding war or pricing at market value with expectations of fewer offers is the right approach. Overpricing is never a wise strategy, regardless of the season.


"Buyers need to prepare in advance."


The most impactful trend you'll notice, whether you're a buyer or seller, is declining inventory. This trend favors sellers because lower inventory means buyers have fewer options. For buyers, it's crucial to prepare in advance, even if you're not immediately ready to make an offer. Visiting open houses, connecting with your agent, and getting prepped with your lender can help you be well-prepared when the right opportunity arises.


As we transition into the fall and winter, the most significant trend is the continued decrease in inventory. Sacramento follows a traditional cyclical market pattern, influenced by school calendars. In desirable neighborhoods with excellent schools, turnover is lower because homeowners prefer not to move while their children are in school. Buyers looking to enter these neighborhoods should start their search early and be patient. If you need to sell, take confidence in the likelihood of less competition among listings in your market.


Whether you're buying or selling a home this fall and winter, it's vital to partner with an agent who understands the market's evolving dynamics. Call or email me anytime with questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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