How to Sell a Home That Needs Work

How to Sell a Home That Needs Work


Three things you could do to successfully sell a fixer-upper.

Would you like to sell your home but are worried that it needs too much work? To successfully sell a property that needs work, here are three things you could do:
1. Sell it to a cash investor. We can help you get the property out to our list of cash investors, and we'll almost immediately be able to generate offers for you that are free to review. This is a quick and easy way to sell a home, especially if it needs a lot of work. The trade-off, however, is that it tends to yield a lower price for the convenience. 

2. Renovate the home before listing. This is a very traditional strategy where we would work together to identify all the opportunities for repair that will yield you a good return. This is a very intensive option, but it does yield a good result.

"Any home in any condition can be sold for the right price."

3. The Vierra Group Concierge. This is an exclusive service that we offer to our clients. It's somewhat similar to the previous option, but we are doing the work for you. We would get the bids, work with the vendors, and work with you to choose a plan that will yield you the highest return. Then at close of escrow, you simply reimburse us for the actual cost. We don't charge you any additional fees or interest. This is an opportunity to help our clients yield the highest result with the least amount of effort on their end. 

The bottom line is that any home in any condition can be sold for the right price. My team's mission is to make sure that our clients have more than just the standard options available to them so they're not selling for just any price, but the highest price possible to them. If you have any questions about selling your home in 2023, call or email to me. I’d love to help you. 
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